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We provide scalable and technology-enabled legal services for businesses, regulated industries and the public sector.

We are shaping the future of Legal Tech & Operations. 

  • The law is rapidly growing more complex. New rules and regulations are coming into effect every day. Moreover, with more and more data and social connections, these rules must be applied to a growing number of topics. Companies are increasingly faced with mass litigation, cyber risk, and complex regulatory issues that require a combination of smart legal advice and tailored technical solutions.
  • Fieldfisher X overcomes these challenges, taking Legal Tech & Operations to the next level. We develop and deliver legal services that are scalable and highly efficient.

Combined expertise


Market-leading practice in the world’s most dynamic sectors. Our outstanding lawyers deliver commercial, pragmatic & innovative solutions within given budgets.

Fieldfisher X

Cross-functional teams of lawyers, developers , as well as data and process experts combine Fieldfisher’s legal expertise with technology and entrepreneurial thinking.

Our services

Mass litigation defence

We defend companies and public entities against threatened or ongoing class action lawsuits.

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Our products

We offer standardized scalable legal products to efficiently solve individual legal issues.

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Individualized scalable legal services

We develop customized scalable legal solutions for individual legal issues.

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