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Our products

We offer standardized scalable legal products across all areas of legal practice and for all industries to solve your individual legal issues efficiently and with the help of our latest technologies.

Contracts as a Service

Requirements for drafting contracts are becoming more and more complicated. We help your employees manage this independently – taking pressure off your internal legal department.

Corporate Housekeeping

Orderly corporate housekeeping is of enormous importance to companies. Our Legal Tech products enable you to organize yours in a transparent, efficient & legally compliant manner.

Whistleblowing Compliance

Our digital reporting system offers you a full-service solution for the legally compliant implementation of your new legal obligations under the EU Whistleblowing Directive.

Time and financial advantages

State-of-the-art legal operations

  • We break down legal problems to make them standardizable and automatable – this saves costs and allows us to use important legal resources to further develop strategy and briefs.
  • Through procedural and technical quality controls, typical human errors are being prevented.

Technology & Data management

  • The foundation of our work is the use of technical solutions enabled by strong, centralized data management.
  • Natural language machine processing enables us to analyze documents thoroughly and quickly. Our clients benefit from the time saved by automating workflows and documents.

Cost-effective solutions

  • Intelligent automation enables us to identify and automate standardized tasks. In this way, we ensure that work steps are assigned to the relevant expert or the most suitable technology – for clear and accurate cost forecasts.
  • At the same time, this enables us to achieve unprecedented efficiency in the deployment of resources. This reduces the need for personnel, which significantly lowers the cost risk for our clients.

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