Contracts as a Service_

The challenge

  • Every day, companies conclude a large number of contacts. From simple NDAs and term sheets to complicated IT contracts. Creating the necessary documents takes up a huge amount of a company’s time and expensive resources (especially lawyers).
  • Therefore, companies need to accelerate their contracting and minimize internal coordination efforts in order to save on these expenses. At the same time, companies must ensure that all contracts concluded are in line with the company’s objectives and do not create any legal risks.  
  • To this end, companies often use sample contracts and, increasingly, contract generator software. However, these templates and systems also have to be constantly adapted manually to new caselaw and legislation. Ultimately, this doesn’t end up relieving the work load, as it only shifts the task to a different department. 
  • On top of this, companies need a daily overview of the contracts concluded and, above all, of the rules the rules these create to ensure compliance with the resulting obligations

Up-to-date documents – always and at the touch of a button

We enable your employees from different departments (sales, purchasing, etc.) to independently create legally compliant contracts. This saves them resources and allows them to fully focus  on the development of the business.

Central platform solution for decentralized creation of contracts

  • We operate a digital contract creation platform for you, in which you can easily and clearly find what you need to create a contract. This can be easily operated even by non-lawyers.
  • The Contracts-as-a-Service platform is based on a modular clause database developed individually for you. This and the sample contracts created from it are tailored to your business needs by experienced lawyers with industry expertise and coordinated with your legal department.
  • We also take care of the technical implementation as well as the permanent updating of your contracts in our database. This means that you do not need to allocate resources for the necessary knowledge management and continuous updates.

Product variants

Contracts-as-a-Service platform

  • Provision of the Fieldfisher X platform for the creation of contracts including individually tailored contract templates
  • Implementation and training of your team
  • Continuous updates and knowledge management

Full contract lifecycle management system

  • Introduction of a full contract lifecycle management – including the integration of already existing contracts
  • Development of the content of the modular clause database
  • Consulting on the selection of the right system for your needs
  • Implementation and training of your team
  • Continuous updates and knowledge management

Managed contract services platform

  • If you already have a contract creation platform, we will also design the contracts for you and import them in your existing system
  • Development of the content of the modular clause database
  • Continuous updates and knowledge management

We will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your individual challenges and requirements.
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