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More and more frequently, companies are confronted with the challenge that a legal issue not only requires legal expertise, but that this expertise must also be provided in a large number of similar cases and should actually be part of a digital process. In particular, companies that communicate digitally with their customers or with public authorities are familiar with the challenges that manual legal processes can generate in that context. If you want to offer your customers a digital user experience, you also have to ensure that there are no drop-offs due to legal requirements. As a company, you can thus take on an innovative pioneering role if you digitize these processes cleanly and better than the competition.

Individual solutions scalable

  • We are happy to help you manage this challenge. Our team of lawyers, data and operations experts first records your requirements and then develops with you the ideal solution for them. For this, we use our own developed co-creation method.
  • We ensure that you can scale your ideas and requirements with technological support. In this way, you avoid having to create and maintain costs and resources for the processing of repetitive tasks. Thus, you can also implement projects that previously failed due to high ongoing (personnel) costs.

We enable your commercial ventures to be efficient and legally secure by providing scalable solutions to your legal challenges.

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From the idea to the solution

Phase 1: Ideation

  • Through a clear methodical procedure, we work with you in our co-creation approach to develop solution ideas for your biggest challenges.

Phase 2: Prototype

  • The goal of the prototype phase is to validate the solution idea using a prototype that is reduced in scope but fully functional with respect to the minimum requirements.

Phase 3: Scalation

  • Based on the prototype developed in phase 2 and depending on the extent of the individual adjustments on the technical side, Fieldfisher X will scale the solution in phase 3 to the extent necessary to be able to cover the expected access numbers in productive operation.

Phase 4: Product distribution

  • The goal of the fourth phase is to operate in perpetuity with ongoing adaptation to regulatory and technical changes by Fieldfisher X.

You have innovative ideas or you are facing major challenges? We always find a customized solution for you!

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