Scalable Legal Services

Due to our combination of outstanding legal and technical expertise, Fieldfisher X will solve your legal problems cost-effectively and sustainably using scalable legal services. We are experts in defending mass litigation and managing legal complexity.
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What we do

Fieldfisher X combines nearly 200 years of Fieldfisher’s experience as a law firm with cutting-edge technology, processes and entrepreneurial thinking. 

  • Our products and services help you focus on your key strengths and concentrate on your core business. We help you overcome legal obstacles on the way to success.
  • No legal tech without legal operations. We are experts in breaking down and standardizing legal issues. This enables us to process them automatically using technical solutions. As a result, we will solve your problems reliably and efficiently. 

Our services

Mass litigation defence

We defend companies and public entities against threatened or ongoing class action lawsuits.

Our products

We offer standardized scalable legal products, efficiently solving your legal challenges.

Customized scalable legal services

We develop customized scalable legal solutions for individual legal challenges.

Who we are

We are a cross-functional team of lawyers, data and process experts, developers and legal professionals. Because of our deep understanding of professional legal services, tech companies, and modern legal operations techniques, we deliver solutions, not just advice.

More about us
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We live


We are united by a passion for technology and data-driven innovation. Our mission is to take legal tech to a new level – for excellent legal operations and products tailored to our clients’ needs. 

We deliver


We understand the complex and unique (diligence) requirements of legal work. Therefore, we place the highest value on the quality of results generated by our automated digital solutions.

We are ready for your complex legal challenges. Let’s talk!

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